When it comes to business, IoT is a total game changer. The technology makes companies smarter and more efficient while optimizing such areas as logistics processes, smart building engineering and management, asset tracking and management, production data collection and analysis, customer digital experience, machine to machine communications (Industrial IoT), smart metering, end point data collection, and much more.

With the help of IoT technology and the infrastructure to support it, a company can step into a new age of business and become a pioneer in their industry while increasing both productivity and profits.

To illustrate just such this video to learn how using IoT technology can help you track your fleets, cargo, pallets, bins - practically anything that needs to be tracked - virtually anywhere in the world. Delivering critical data back to fleet managers who will use it to plan their operational activities.

Watch this video on DeepInsights which gives you an open AIoT platform packed with out-of-the-box AI, IoT sensors and cameras, plus the freedom to add your own as your needs change as it is device agnostic. It also includes completely custom analytic dashboards highlighting patterns and trends.

Watch this video for the provider we most often source for companies moving to aggressively jump ahead of their competition and become recognized visionary leaders in their respective field for Industry 4.0 and industrial IoT applications.

It doesn't matter how innovative or impressive your overall IoT project may appear .... without a solid and well managed network foundation the entire IoT ecosystem will ultimately fail.

Get the network backbone and the management thereof wrong....and you're doomed. Get it right and the sky is the limit. The bottom line is if you get the network backbone and management right first...."knock it out of the park" as they not only helps ensure project success but also opens up a whole new world of possibilities for any IoT application.

That said, FreedomFire Communications is uniquely positioned to source the right IoT/IIoT solution for your business needs whatever they are ... including sensor technology, network connectivity, data analytics tools, AND network security. We can also help with the design effort of your entire IoT/IIoT network ecosystem AND customize an IoT/IIoT strategy to meet YOUR specific requirements. Simply submit your detailed requirements via Get Quote or Contact Us.